Inspiring Words from the Youth



Life as for a teenager is often very different than life as either a baby or an adult. It is a time, with different obstacles to face, and often it seems as if there are many more of them.

I wish everyday  is a day to feel better and happy, In a world where there's a fresh prospect of hope, But life as a cycle still there’s always a way to go ,problems that we face, and burdens we deal with,

To see what life is in the world, sometimes we need to just open our eyes,There is a part in us that feels we can make a different in the world ,With hope to see the gorgeous things yes we can do, But still it’s a long way to go , Instead there can be no Life without friends and family because much of the Life we lead is necessarily centered around people.

People we need to talk to. To explore more of each other and come together in support, in outrage, and perhaps in a measure of understanding. To form a new world. A better society with people just like you and I. For the sorrows of dismay can return to smiles, with Friends and Families we shall defeat the impossibilities in life, We Shall Overcome and be much the wiser, Together, hands and hearts joined why not a better world!

               Writer: Kenneth

The Value of a Woman
This couldnt be said more beautiful.....
Be careful if you make a woman cry.
Because God Counts her tears. A woman
comes out of a man's rib, not from his
head to be superior, and not from his feet
to be walked on. but from his side to
be equal under the arm to be protected
and next to the value of a woman

Writer: Steffany
 Capricorn, South Africa


Youth Cultural connection project, Cape Town South Africa