Our Mission

Mission: The Youth Cultural Connection project aims to connect children living in the inner-city of the United States with children residing in the townships of South Africa. Through the sharing of stories, letters, poems, music, and photography the children will have the opportunity to learn about the common interests and qualities which connect them as children , new cultural traditions which make them unique, and most importantly the ways in which, no matter where you are from in the world, exists the shared life experience of being human. 


1. Allow for the children and teens to establish their own identity and connect with the culture in which they are part of, recognizing the value in the qualities of their personal lives and cultures. 

2. To enhance the knowledge-base of the participants by engaging them in discussion and educational sessions about and with a culture different from their own.

3. Create a cultural exchange in which the youth will exchange their portfolios with the youth residing in a different community and culture. This exchange will take place amongst the children from the school in Lavender Hill (a colored community) with the children in Masiphumulele (A black community), striving towards the breakdown of existing local racial and cultural barriers which evoke violence in the Western Cape. The portfolios will also be exchanged with the children in Milwaukee and Cleveland,promoting  international understanding and friendship. This understanding and engagement of one another's culture and humanity will strive towards a united world where violence can no longer be justified.

4. It is of upmost importance that the youth develop skills for their future. Throughout the entirety of the project sessions will have technical skills embedded into the activities. Designed to empower students we will seek to provide educational opportunities such as reading, writing, communication, photography and computer skills. We will also provide assistance in resume writing and the college application process.

Youth Cultural connection project, Cape Town South Africa